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London Wedding Videographer
London Wedding Videographer : London Weddings

London Weddings Videographer: Staying classy London is one of the greatest cities in the world. A hub of commerce, art and power. Home of celebrities, politicians and royalty. A city constantly looking...

Hannah & Joseph The Royal Exchange Wedding
Hannah & Joseph The Royal Exchange London Wedding

The Royal Exchange London Wedding London is a dream location for photographers and videographers. A massive city filled with people from all walks of life. A fast paced, bustling metropolis full...

miriam steven jewish wedding videographer
Mirriam & Steven Jewish Wedding Videography London

Jewish Wedding Videographer London As Jewish Wedding videography London we have come across all kind of weddings. Indian weddings, Catholic weddings, simple weddings, exuberant weddings… however, despite their differences, all of...

Chinese Wedding Videographer London
Alana & Yuong Chinese Wedding Devonshire Terrace London
On September 13th last year Alana and Young joined in matrimony in the sight of their friends and family.The venue chosen for the marriage ceremony was Devonshire Terrace in London.  The couple stayed true to their roots with their choice of events and theme. Although the ceremony had a contemporary and simple theme the rest of the couple’s special day paid tribute to their Chinese heritage.
wedding planner
Wedding Planner

Why you should hire a wedding planner

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Any couple wants their wedding to be perfect. However, it requires a lot of time and effort to organize and plan. There are a lot of things to consider. Each couple has a vision, a dream of what their wedding should be. A wedding planner is the person that will work his/her fingers to the bone to make sure that your wedding is truly a dream come true.
clare collage wedding
Maggie & Niall | Wedding Clare College Cambridge
The union of Maggie and Naill proves ones again that love knows no boundaries and thrives in adversity.Two people born in lands far apart were joined together in holy matrimony under the roof of The Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Cambridge. The journey the couple took was not an easy one but, as I am sure they would agree, it was well worth it.The beautiful love story of an American girl, Maggie, and her English husband, Niall is, much like many other love stories, eventful difficult and filled with obstacles.
Wedding video
As Featured on LoveMyDress Blog
“Happy Friday lunch time lovelies! As is custom here on Love My Dress, we’re treating you to a little lunch time wedding film to fill you hearts.  Today’s beautiful film was sent in by Greg Frankowski of HD Moments - it involves the beautiful love story of an American girl, Maggie, and her English husband, Niall – who met in Vegas.  Their wedding took place in Claire Collage Cambridge earlier this year, and their love story is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, rather breath-taking. I just know you’re going to love this one. Maggie shares a little more about this beautiful little film…
Hindu Wedding Videography
The Beauty Of Indian Weddings
Indian weddings have a reputation of being lavish, exuberant and expensive. They are defined by their vibrant colors, charming atmosphere and a sense of grandeur. Hindu weddings, much like Sikh and Muslim weddings, are shaped by a combination of religious, local and family traditions. Family is the key word. Family traditions play a quintessential role in the structure and essence of an Indian wedding.
The west has always been fascinated by the wonders and mystery of eastern cultures. The different ideology and customs might seem strange and unfamiliar to some but beautiful to most. The colors, the flavors, the art and spirit of India is merged and presented in all Indian weddings.
Traditions From The Orient Chinese Wedding Videography London
China is dictated by traditions, order, ancient philosophies and a deep sense of honor to one’s self and family.Chinese weddings are no different.The traditions followed by Chinese families act as guidelines to the proceedings and ceremony.For over 2000 years these guidelines have been methodically followed. However, in recent years western traditions have found their way in the wedding plans.Modern weddings follow a more simplified approach by skipping some of those tedious guidelines.
Wedding Videographer North West
Urmila & John Redworth Hall Hindu Videography
Urmila and John A wedding is thought of being one of the most stressful days in someone’s life. However it is also one of the happiest and most monumental. It is a day with the sole purpose of celebrating the love and union of two individuals. Urmila and John, two people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, were fortunate enough to experience this day twice in one weekend.
Wedding Videography Photography London
Monica & Chris Destination Wedding Videography

Monica & Chris Destination Wedding Videography On a bright summers day the awe inspiring Bieszczady Mountains bared witness to the love and commitment of Monica and Chris. The couple said their vows...

Claire Michael wedding videographer essex
Claire & Michael Wedding Videography Essex

Barn Wedding Videography Essex

For Wedding Videography Essex 8th of June 2013 was reserved for celebrations of Claire and Michael’s rustic wedding. They were super original with a choice of their reception venue which was a barn. The barn being beautifully decorated, however, made it one of the most exquisite and inventive wedding venues we have ever been to.